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NameName PinyinName TypeLang.pref. Name
李萍倩Li PingqianOther Name, Variants, incl. Married Name (其他,包括:字、婚後名)Chinesepreferred Name

birth/startdeath/endgender/groupgender uncertain

Authority data
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Assignments: 3 | Assignments in ECPO: 2
Linglong, Vol: 2, Iss: 20, page: 52 - mentioned in article
天一的不景氣Tianyi de bu jing qiDepression of the Tianyi Company
Linglong, Vol: 2, Iss: 22, page: 49 - mentioned in article
影界見聞錄ying jie jian wen luInformation of the Movie World
Linglong, Vol: 4, Iss: 31, page: 59 - mentioned in article
幾位導演的開末拉喊法ji wei dao yan de kai mo la han fa