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NameName PinyinName TypeLang.pref. Name
星侶Xing LüPen Name, Pseudonym (筆名、別名)Chinesepreferred Name

birth/startdeath/endgender/groupgender uncertain
no date availableno date availableundetermined-

Authority data

Assignments: 3
Funü zazhi, Vol: 14, Iss: 1, page: 181, 182, 183 - Author
我們對于生活的態度(三)Wo men dui yu sheng huo de tai du (3)Our attitude to life (3)
Linglong, Vol: 1, Iss: 49, page: 44, 45 - Author
中外銀幕瑣聞zhong wai yin mu suo wenBits of news about Chinese and foreign movies
Linglong, Vol: 1, Iss: 49, page: 45 - Author
銀幕情侶yin mu qing lüA couple out of the screen