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NameName PinyinName TypeLang.pref. Name
秋水女史Qiushui nu shiChinesepreferred Name

birth/startdeath/endgender/groupgender uncertain
no date availableno date available-

Authority data

Assignments: 5
Funü zazhi, Vol: 15, Iss: 2, page: 134, 135 - Author
寒戀重衾覺夢多/夢長君不知Han lian zhong qin jiao meng duo/Meng chang jun bu zhiHeavy quilts are needed in cold weather and that brings more naps and dreams/The dream was so long that the person forgot that she was dreaming
Funü zazhi, Vol: 15, Iss: 4, page: 126, 127 - Author
花壓欄杆春晝長/ 鎮日欄杆倚遍日長人靜Hua ya lan gan chun zhou chang/ Zhen ri lan gan yi bian ri chang ren jingThe flower is lying on the railing and the spring daylight is long/ The lady is leaning against the railing, waiting for her lover all day long in silence
Funü zazhi, Vol: 15, Iss: 8, page: 98 - Author
讀鑑湖女俠遺著Du jian hu nu xia yi zhuAfter reading the works of the Lady Lake Jian
Funü zazhi, Vol: 15, Iss: 8, page: 98 - Author
夏夜曲Xia ye quThe song of summer night
Funü zazhi, Vol: 15, Iss: 8, page: 102 - Author
團扇須防白露秋/ 有備無患Tuan shan xu fang bai lu qiu/ You bei wu huanThe fan should be careful when fall white dews have arrived/ Precautions averts perils