Nüzi Shijie
No. 001 (06 January, 1905)
Pages available: 1 - 122 (122 total)
敬告女同志Notifying female comrades
女學調查部專約Special assignments for female student investigators
廣告價目表Pricing for advertisements
售報價目表Pricing for journal
警告代派處新章Notifying resellers of a new regulation
總發行所上海棋盤街中市小说林分售處The main press, Datong publications on the ?, and places of sale
(新書折價)小説林發行(discounts on new books) Published by Forest of Fiction
(本誌增刊)豔情小說白玫瑰(supplement from this magazine) White roses
國民唱歌Citizens sing
小説俠女奴fiction: the female knight errant slave
小説玉蟲緣Fiction: the fate of the jade worm