No. 010 (20 May, 1931)
Pages available: 1 - 36 (36 total)
攝影畫報Pictorial Weekly
我們的要求: 你讀了[玲瓏]如果值得的請介紹你的親朋戚友如果你覺得不值得的請你告訴我們
她與他She and He
你如果要稱心而又玲瓏的手錶請駕臨南京路中美鍾表眼鏡公司!歡迎參觀。If you would like to buy a satisfactory and exquisite watch, the Zhongmei/Chinese-American Watch and Glasses Company on Nanjing Road is expecting your esteemed presence! Welcome to visit us.
代辦部 信託部
快快預定,過期加價Subscribe quickly, after this promotion the price will be raised
獎品一千元1000 Yuan prize
玲瓏圖畫雜誌Linloon Magazine
她煩悶恍惚 他則虛弱疲憊
定報價目The subscription price
玲瓏箋Exquisite letter paper
中外電影明星照片Photos of Chinese and Foreign Movie Stars