No. 094 (10 May, 1933)
Pages available: 1 - 60 (60 total)
玲瓏圖畫婦女雜誌Lin Loon Ladies' Magazine
定戶注意to subscribers
利華皂粉Lux soap powder
案件評述Comment on Law Cases
月月紅,女界寶China Rose, women's treasure
廣告刊例Published examples of advertisement
定報價目The subscription price
本刊為婦女唯一之喉舌our magazine is the only mouthpiece of women
玲瓏圖畫雜誌Lin Loon Ladies' Magazine
姐妹們,看過"玲瓏"如果滿意,請即介紹給你的親友,必受歡迎的。sisters, if you are satisfied with Linglong after reading it, please introduce it to your relatives and friends, it will surely be popular.
國貨ABC 雨衣Domestic Manufactured ABC Rain Coat
嬌滴 指甲水拭淨水Joy Dip Nail Remover
情書展覽Love Letters on Display
外埠讀者Readers in other cities
最新柯達八米厘家庭電影鏡箱the newest Kodak 8mm camera
逸園 Leisure garden (Canidrome)