No. 196 (07 August, 1935)
Pages available: 1 - 80 (80 total)
玲瓏婦女圖畫雜誌Lin Loon Ladies' Magazine
男子的醜態Men's ugly manner
少女們的愛Girls' love
娛樂週報創刊號The first issue of Entertainment Weekly
娛樂週報最近期要目Important contents of recent issues of Entertainment Weekly
直接定閱玲瓏雜誌、攝影畫報、電聲週刊 六大利益Six benefits of direct subscription to the Linglong Magazine, the Pictorial Weekly and the Movie Weekly
婦女隱痛之救星The savior of women from their secret pains
逸園Leisure garden (Canidrome)
兜安氏補神葯片DOAN´S spirit-invigoration pills
全國首創的三和乒乓社The first Sanhe Ping-pong Club in the country
玲瓏婦女圖畫雜誌Lin Loon Ladies' Magazine
定報價目The subscription price
廣告刊例Published examples of advertisement