Funü zazhi
No. 012 (05 December, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 198 (198 total)
說部叢書Collected books, fiction section
實用教科書Practical textbooks
英文雜誌English Journal vol. one issue 11
上海中英大藥房婦女衛生助粧品Sai Sei Do The Japanese Pharmacy/ Importer and Exporter Druggists
英漢新字彙New English-Chinese dictionaries
蘇州王靜貞女士通信Letter from Ms. Wang Jingzhen of Suzhou
五彩精印地圖Multicolored maps
上海中英大藥房婦女衛生助粧品Shanghai Chinese-English pharmacy women's health product and makeup
單紀教授講義Elementary level teaching materials
英文學叢刻Block-printed student English books
兒童最好之奬勵品The products to encourage children's learning
實業學校用書Vocational school books
小說月報Fiction monthly
東方雜誌/法政雜誌Eastern Miscellany/ Law journal
介紹書畫家Introduction to painters and calligraphers
Collection of Song books
無比精良之美術品/ 中國名勝照片Finest quality fine arts products/ photos of famous sites in China
小說海Sea of fiction
教育雜誌/學生雜誌/少年雜誌Education review/ Student Magazine/ Youth magazine
普通教科書Ordinary textbooks
商務印書館附設函授學社英文科Commercial Press Correspondence School English Course
中華民國五年Fifth year of the Chinese Republic
教育部審定初等小學校畫學Ministry of Education approved books primary education
教育部審定初等小學校畫學Ministry of Education approved books primary education
新字典/辭源New dictionary/ etymology
最新出版證書Newest published certificates
徵集文字圖片Call for articles and pictures
The Ladies' Journal
韋廉士大醫生紅色補丸Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People