Funü zazhi
No. 001 (31 December, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 238 (238 total)
教育部最近審定之普通教科書Universal textbook recently approved by the Ministry of Education
教育部審定實用教科書同時出版Practical textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education have been published at the same time
共和國教科書奉教育部批准仍可通用The textbooks of the Republic of China are still used under the approval of the Ministry of Education
預定婦女雜誌簡章The general regulations of Funu zazhi's subscription
商務印書館英華合解詞彙發售(預約)廣告Advertisement of English-Chinese vocabulary published by the Commercial Press is put on sale (reservation)
上海濟生堂大藥房營業品目Sai sei do the Japanese pharmacy importer and exporter druggists Corner Seward and Boone Roads, Hong ko, Shanghai
人造自來血Man-made automatic blood
教育部批准?英語週刊已出至十八期The eighteenth issue of English Journal, which is approved by Minstry of Education, has already been pulished
函授學社英文科English correspondence courses
英文辭典English dictionary
英文字書English dictionary
新智識叢書之一:戰爭與進化New knowledge series, no. 1: war and evolution
新智識叢書之二:發明與文明New knowledge series, no. 2: invention and civilization
新智識叢書之三:戰時之德意志New knowledge series, no. 3: Germany in time of war
上海中英大藥房婦女衛生助粧品Women sanitary items and cosmetics at the Shanghai Zhong Ying pharmacy
屈氏大藥房臘文達綠瓶香水Waston's pharmacy, ?, green-bottle perfume
中外輿圖局五彩精印地圖童世亨先生著Delicately printed multicoloured maps published by Chinese and Foreign Map Office, authored by Mr. Tong Shiheng
懸賞募集Offer a reward to collect
女子中學?範通用閩侯蕭閒叟編烹飪?Cookbook edited by Xiao Xiansou from Minhou used by girl's school
請購單級學校用書Please purchase textbooks for single-grade school
英華合解詞典預約發售廣告The advertisement of sale reservation of English-Chinese bilingual dictionary
英文雜誌第二卷一號特別增刊English Journal, vol. 2, no. 1, supplement
東方雜誌十二卷第十二號要目Table of Contents, volume 12, issue 12, Eastern Journal
作文之好模範Good models of composition writing
第二次謎畫懸賞Prizes offered for the second picture riddles contest
學生雜誌二月分出版Student journal published in Febrary
文藝叢書三種Three literary and artistic works
幻燈影片:通俗教育之補助品Slide: a supplementary means of education for the masses
歲次丙辰年 陽曆一千九百十六年日記日曆出版The diary and calendar of the year of Bingchen, 1916, have been published
學生雜誌十二月分出版Student journal published in December
教育雜誌十二月分出版Education journal published in December
少年雜誌Youth journal
實地攝影:各地名勝寫真Photos: portraits of scenic spots of different regions
婦女雜誌(月刊)The Ladies' Journal (Issued monthly)
韋廉士大醫生紅色補丸Doctor Williams' red tonic pills