Funü zazhi
No. 007 (30 June, 1916)
Pages available: 1 - 172 (172 total)
梁任公先生編定(books) edited by Mr. Liang Rengong
涵芬樓影印Hanfen studio
醫學衛生Medical hygiene
教育業書Education profession books
梁任公先生著Books by Mr. Liang Rengong
影印殿版四史Printed back issues of the four histories
兒童最好之奬勵品The products to encourage children's learning
英文雜誌 English Journal
英語週刊English Weekly
共和國民黨讀Republican must reads
東方雜誌Eastern Miscellany
女子中學師範教科書Education books for girls' middle school
小說月報七卷Fiction monthly number seven
中學共和國教科書Republican text book
各種小說All types of fiction
畫片大徵集Collection of images
教育雜誌/學生雜誌/少年雜誌Education review /Student Magazine/ Youth magazine
模範軍人Model soldier
The Ladies' Journal
韋廉士大醫生紅色補丸Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People