Funü zazhi
No. 003 (28 February, 1919)
Pages available: 1 - 175 (175 total)
兩大特價Two books at a special price
春季始業共和國教科書隨時修改極為適用The spring semester is starting, here are revised and exteremly suitable textbooks for
小說月報Short Story Magazine
商務印書館Comerical Press
英美各種雜誌All sorts of English and American magazines
商務印書館Commerical Press
商務印書館出版新書Newly published books from the Commerical Press
老年人之大便秘結/服用嬰孩自己藥片功效立見Old age constipation/efficacy of taking medicine one's self for children
複式學級國文教科書教授案Combined class of exemplary essay textbooks by a professor
商務印書館附設函授學社英文科/學英之好機會Commercial Press associated correspondance school English study society/A good opportunity to learn English
商務印書館Commerical Press
婦科聖藥鳥雞白鳳丸Gynecological Panacea pills
發售原版西書On offer: Original publications of Western books
英文雜誌/學生雜誌/教授雜誌/小說月報English magazine/ student journal/ professor journal/ short fiction monthly
商務印書館出版Newly published books from the Commerical Press
東方雜誌第十六Eastern Miscellany vol. 16
商務印書館/文藝?刻Commerical Press/ Literature and Art ? engraving
商務印書館發行Newly published books from the Commercial Press
北平射虎社習??春?侯Lauching of the Tiger society of Beiping
商務印書館出版Books published by the Commerical Press
商務印書館發行Publications by the Commerical Press
商務印書館發行Commerical Press publications
教育玩具Educational toys