Funü zazhi
No. 009 (31 August, 1919)
Pages available: 1 - 153 (153 total)
女界最適用之圖書Most suitable books for women
注意特價Pay attention to big sale
旁氏白玉霜Pond's extract company's vanishing cream
精製名扇Delicately-made, famous fans
女子中學師範學校教科書Textbooks of female middle schools affiliated to teachers colleges
此男孩兒曾患腹瀉This boy had diarrhea
服清導丸頭腦清爽身體康壯Taking qing dao balls makes the mind clear and refreshing and the body healthy and strong
普通女子最新尺牘The latest model of epistolary art for ordinary women
國文教科書Chinese textbook
英語週刊English Weekly
請用國貨Please use national products
《教育雜誌》《北京大學月刊》《學生雜誌》《英文雜誌》Education Magazine/ Peking University Monthly/ Students Quarterly Journal/ English Magazine
《東方雜誌》《英語週刊》《小說月報》《少年雜誌》The Eastern Miscellany/ English Weekly/ Fiction Monthly Magazine/ Youth Magazine
書目介紹Introduction to book items
婦女雜誌五卷七號懸賞新題New reward-giving question, the Ladies' Journal, vol. 5, no. 7
新書New books
大徵文Big call for submissions
懸賞募集Reward-giving call for submissions
A great variety of imported business books
名人書畫紈摺扇Paintings, calligraphies and folding fans of famous people
氣血枯乾Lack of spirit and blood