Funü zazhi
No. 010 (30 September, 1919)
Pages available: 1 - 172 (172 total)
女界必讀之書Must-read books for the women's circle
國文教科書Chinese textbook
英語週刊English Weekly
旁氏白玉霜Pond's extract company's vanishing cream
送禮佳品Good items for gift-giving
新書New books
彼之幸福Your happiness
腹瀉痢疾肚痛痔瘡等症 余須用清導丸矣You need to use Qingdao balls to treat diarrhea, dysentery, stomachache, hemorrhoids and other symptoms
國語教科書Chinese textbook
欲得家庭樂趣者不可不閱下列各書Those who desire for family happiness must read the following kinds of books
個人衛生篇Individual hygiene part
實用醫學衛生書Practical medicine and hygiene books
可愛之兒童須用良法教其識字遊戲Cute children need to learn to play letter games by good methods
禮券Gift certificate
愛兒童者注意有益之遊戲Child-lovers pay attention to these beneficial games
書目介紹Introduction to book items
《東方雜誌》《小說月報》《教育雜誌》《英語週刊》The Eastern Miscellany/ Fiction Monthly Magazine/ Education Magazine/ English Weekly
《學生雜誌》《英文雜誌》《少年雜誌》《留美學生季報》Students Quarterly Journal/ English Magazine/ Youth Magazine/ The Chinese Students Quarterly
各種美術明信片Artistic postcards of all kinds
普通女子最新尺牘The latest model of epistolary art for ordinary women
請用國貨Please use national products
婦女雜誌五卷十號懸賞新題New reward-giving question, the Ladies' Journal, vol. 5, no. 10
名人筆記Notes of famous people
教育玩具Educational toys
懸賞募集Reward-giving call for submissions
煙癮戒絕Addiction to tobacco is gone