Funü zazhi
No. 008 (31 July, 1920)
Pages available: 1 - 165 (165 total)
四部叢刊Si bu cong kan
徵文廣告Call for submissions
新體國語教科書New-style Mandarin textbooks
精製名扇Delicately-made, famous fans
影印陳簠齋尺牘Photocopy of Chen Fuzhai's letters
保護小兒健康之衣料The clothing that protects children's health
國音字典Dictionary of National Pronunciation
新法教科書New-style Mandarin textbooks
清涼妙品Fine goods that can bring coolness
閣下有小孩否Do you have kid
各種音樂唱歌用書All kinds of music and singing books
強經健骨Strengthen channels and bones
停止咖啡飲博士登Stop drinking coffee, drink Postum
夕陽染皂Sunset dyeing soap
加斯血藥水剗盡一切鷄眼及硬皮之害Gets-it can remove all corns and hard skin
固齡玉牙膏Kolynos ascientific dentifrice
鶴卯通丸Hormotone balls
種德園著名良藥Zhong de yuan famous medicine
國貨花邊Domestic lace
少數儲入Deposit a little
女子中學師範教科書Teacher's textbooks for female middle schools
函授學社英文科第三屆獎案揭曉The namelist for the rewards of English subject from correspondence school
棋類玩具Board games
東方雜誌The Eastern Miscellany
學藝雜誌Xueyi zazhi
女界必讀之小說Must-read novels for the women's circle
教育雜誌/ 英語雜誌/ 少年雜誌/ 北京大學月刊Education Magazine/ English Magazine/ Youth Magazine/ Peking University Monthly
學生雜誌/ 英語週刊/ 小說月報/ 太平洋雜誌Students Quarterly Journal/ English Weekly/ Fiction Monthly Magazine/ Pacific magazine
中等學校教科書Textbooks for middle schools
全國小學校鑑Announcement to elementary schools across the nation
實業要書/ 畜産學Key books on the industry/ Livestock science
共和國教科書Textbooks for the republic
橡皮底鞋Rubber sole shoes
研究衛生方法Medical research methods
收買舊書Buying and selling used books
家庭俱樂部預告A preview of family club
何醫士之夫人不能撫養嬰兒The wife of Dr. He who could not feed babies