Funü zazhi
No. 008 (01 August, 1921)
Pages available: 1 - 136 (136 total)
林譯小說Fiction by Lin Zhe
函授學社國語科Mandarin language instruction through correspondence education
國音國語書Textbooks on the national standard pronunciation of Mandarin
函授學社英文科第四屆案掲曉English language instruction through correspondence education
愛西湖者注意, 西湖遊覽指南Attention those who love the West Lake: The West Lake tour guidebook
第五次遠東運動會活動影片Moving picture of the Fifth annual Far Eastern sports meet
搜羅古今名人書畫用新法印成紈扇摺扇Collecting antiqque and contemporary folding fans with callgraphy by famous hands
治病眼 Lavolho
錢廉江, 陳南樓 書畫合冊A combined volume of calligraphy and paintings by Qian Lianjiang and Chen Nanlou
教育部審定, 新法教科書, 批詞一覽, 民國學校之部, 高等小學校之部New law textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education
上海涵芬樓收買舊書, 工藝參攷書, 國民道德談, 女子心理學, ?世文柬指南, 中國國際條約義務論, 德華對照讀本, 正刖德文讀本Hanfenlou in Shanghai seeing old books