Funü zazhi
No. 003 (05 March, 1921)
Pages available: 1 - 127 (127 total)
英華大辭典English-Chinese Dictionary
中國醫學大辭典Chinese Medical Dictionary
中國人名大辭典Dictionary of Chinese Names
新法教科書New textbook
提倡國音國語之利器A good method to advocate Chinese mandarin
係人人為父母者皆當知之也This is what every parent should know
閣下有賢妻否Do you have a good wife
美孚煤油Meifu oil
棕欖香皂Palmolive soap
新華儲蓄銀行New China bank
和盛首飾號Hesheng jewelry store
精印名箋Delicate letter paper
得心應手Easy to handle
書畫合冊Volume of paintings and calligraphy
雞眼之消除法,加斯血藥水獨一無二Jiasixue contributes a lot to cure helosis
女子中學師範學校教科書Text books for high school training college of women
東方雜誌Eastern Miscellany
學藝雜誌Learning magazine
婦女雜誌The Ladies' Journal
小說月報Fiction monthly
函授學社英文科廣告招生Affiliated English school calls for students
上海涵芬樓收買舊書Hanfen studio is buying old books
新撰女子尺牘A new model of letter writing for women
女子最新尺牘Latest model of letter writing for women
女子尺牘A model of letter writing for women
中國寓言Chinese allegories
工藝參×書Reference book for craftsmanship
心理學概論Introduction to psychology
小學作文入門The way to write an essay as elementary students
佛學易解Simple demonstration of Buddhism
靜坐三年Sitting quietly for three years
因是子靜坐法Yinshizi's way of sitting quietly
女子論說軌範Principles of women's argument