Funü zazhi
No. 005 (30 April, 1927)
Pages available: 1 - 138 (138 total)
兒童用品Children's products
商務印書館函授學社Correspondence course by Commerce Press
清道丸Pills for cleaning intestine
嬰孩自己藥片Pills for babies
孩童之意旨最真Chilren's words are reliable
國産味精The national product of spice
汙膜爲齒牙之敵Dark film is the enemy of teeth
褔美明連保喉聖片Pills for protecting children's throat
上海新波利女子美容室Shanghai toilet club ladies hair dressing
加斯血去趼止痛Jiasixue medicine of eliminating callus and pain
高亭唱片Gaoting record
夏令衛生必備要籍Necessary books for the sanitation in summer
學校投考指南Guidance for applying schools
世界最優秀完美之嬰孩The most excellent babies on the world
商務印書館出版新書Books newly published by Commerce Press