Funü zazhi
No. 005 (30 April, 1929)
Pages available: 1 - 156 (156 total)
美女牌葡萄乾香甜滋補第一補血妙品Beauty rasins/sweet nourishing the most excellent product for enriching the blood
萬有文庫Universal libraries
新學制/各級教科書New education/ textbooks of every grade
新時代教科書New age textbooks
大英百科全書Encyclopaedia Britannica
實業計畫The international development China
阿非舵藥皂Afridol soap
商務印書館製造國貨之努力The effort in making domestic products, commercial press
真嬰孩之無上聖藥True baby the supreme and holy medicine
參謀書記治愈濕瘡The official s eczema was healed
晨夕勿忘二事 Don t forget to do two things in the morning and evening
好立克麥精牛乳粉Horlicks malted milk
無膜之齒潔白光亮Teeth without dark film are white and shining
柯達大貢獻The big contribution of Kodak
月光牌絲光蔴紗Tobralco mercerizing cambric
手提勝利唱機Portable Victor victrola
司丹康美髮霜Stacome hair treatment cream
陳嘉庚公司欲買淺黃色熟膠底平底鞋勿錯過大減價機會Chen jia geng company is wanting to sell pale yellow flat shoes with rubber soles do not miss this big sale
錫爾康豔髮霜Silkomb hair paste
愛蘭百利代乳粉The allenburys milk powder
教育與民眾Education and the massess
去趼靈藥加斯血Effective medicine for removing foot calluses gets it
西蒙香蜜粉Simon Creme
種德園著名良藥Zhong de yuan famous medicine
最新運到德國手提式「複印機」Newly arrived German suitcase styled printing machine
姆媽好姆媽我還要吃大力果/大力果乾牛奶是育嬰惟一聖品Nanny my good nanny I want to eat some more dryco dryco is the must-have baby care product
鄭振鐸著《文學大綱》;高君箴鄭振鐸合著《天鵝》;鄭振鐸著《戀愛的故事》Zheng Zhenduo wrote An outline of literature; Gao Junzhen and Zheng Zhenduo co-authored Swan; Zheng Zhenduo wrote The story of love
出讓For sale
婦女新讀物Women s new reading material