Funü zazhi
No. 006 (31 May, 1929)
Pages available: 1 - 162 (162 total)
美女牌葡萄乾香甜滋補第一補血妙品Beauty rasins/sweet nourishing the most excellent product for enriching the blood
萬有文庫Universal libraries
商務印書館三十年來對於文化事業的努力The efforts commercial press has made in the cultural undertaking for thirty years
新學制/各級教科書New education/ textbooks of every grade
新時代教科書New age textbooks
活地獄Living hell
白璧微瑕White jade with tiny flaw
棕欖香皂Palmolive soap
白平等膠底鞋!減價/ 淺黃色熟膠底鞋仍售原價每雙一元七角White flat shoes with rubber soles for sale/ Pale yellow flat shoes with rubber soles remain the original price one yuan per pair
好立克麥精牛乳粉Horlicks malted milk
柯達大貢獻The big contribution of Kodak
司丹康美髮霜Stacome hair treatment cream
山西國民拒毒會徵求論文/ 爲十週紀念The national anti-opium association of Shanxi calling for essays/ For the tenth anniversary
我吃大力果!氣力大I want to eat dryco! Grow strong
明媚之笑Shining smile
鈣質治療之妙劑/加爾餐片Fine product for treating calcium/ Kalzana the calcium food
全球音樂備於一室World s music is stored in one room
愛蘭百利代乳粉The allenburys milk powder
西蒙香蜜粉Simon Creme
種德園著名良藥Zhong de yuan famous medicine
徵求婦女雜誌Wanting Ladies Journals
近世婦人科學/近世小兒科The science of women in modern times/ Pediatrics in modern times
網球用品Tennis supplies
徵求婦女雜誌Wanting Ladies Journals
現代婦女叢書Book series of modern women
新智識叢書Book series of new knowledge
本誌十六卷二月號徵文Call for papers volume 16 Issue 2
預告發行/ 教育部全國美術展覽會特輯號Advance notice/ Special issue on the national art exhibition of the Ministry of Education
師範叢書Book series of pedagogy
文學研究會叢書Book series of the literature association
東方雜誌/ 二十六卷第九/十號要目The Eastern Miscellany/ Important contents of vol. 26 issue 9/ 10
學生雜誌/ 自然界/ 少年雜誌/ 小說月報Students Quarterly Journal/ Nature/ Youth Magazine/ Fiction Monthly Magazine
婦女雜誌The Ladies Journal
五年一彈指兒女粲成行A line of children were born after five years of short time