Funü zazhi
No. 009 (31 August, 1929)
Pages available: 1 - 146 (146 total)
美女牌葡萄乾第一補血妙品Sun-maid seedless raisins the best for blood replenishment
清代學者象傳Biographies of Qing scholars
增訂國民政府現行法規The revised regulations of national government
中國興業銀行儲蓄部廣告The advertisement of the savings department, Chinese industrial bank
最近出版教育新書Lately published new books on education
用法蘭絨製衣適意耐用Use Viyella to make clothes comfortable and durable
如有疼痛If you feel painful
她的父母終究不錯/出牙蛔蟲均投以嬰孩自己藥片而獲愈Her parents are good after all/ Teething and roundworms are treated by baby s own tablets
杭州女生之手腕/ 潔淨無疵足證如意膏之功效The wrist of Hangzhou girls/ Clean and no defect which fully prove the efficacy of She-ko
必清潔而後始能強健為護牙之要訣/ 絲帶牌擦牙膏Clean and strong are the most important secrets/ Ribbon dental cream
寶華乾牛奶與母乳無異There is no difference between momilk and breast milk
大洋四元五角之價值The value of four and half Dayang
大力果乾牛奶Dryco dry milk
牙敵污膜Teeth s enemy dark film
司丹康美髮霜Stacome hair treatment cream
生旦淨丑 競献雅奏Regardless of male roles, female roles, roles with painted faces and clowns, the sound will be presented nicely
福美明達保喉藥片Formamint for sore throat
介紹新讀物/ 世界月刊Introduction to new readings/ World Monthly
介紹新讀物/ 美的哲學Introduction to new readings/ The philosophy of beauty
愛蘭百利代乳粉The allenburys milk powder
西蒙香蜜粉Simon Creme
自來水筆/ 活動鉛筆Fountain pen/ Mechanical pencil
康氏奧南精美重生新髮生髮水Consolame delicate hair tonic that helps grow new hair
種德園著名良藥Zhong de yuan famous medicine
德國蔡司伊康照相器German Zeiss Ikon camera
英漢對照造謠學校/ 芝麻與百合The school for scandal with Chinese translation/ Sesame and lilies
兒童圖書/ 教育玩具Children s books/ Educational toys
徵求婦女雜誌Wanting Ladies Journals
懺悔錄/ 蘿蘰蘿蘭Les confessions/ Romain Rolland-The man and his work
中西字典辭書Books of Chinese and Western dictionaries
本誌十六卷五月號徵文Call for papers volume 16 Issue 5