Funü zazhi
No. 009 (01 September, 1931)
Pages available: 1 - 142 (142 total)
三十五週紀念Thirty-fifth anniversary
國語注音符號新書New books with Mandarin phonetic symbols
百衲本二十四史The Bainaben edition of the Twenty-Four Histories
婦女界之福音Women's gospel
桑梅史跳舞學校Ann Summers Studio
各種書籍Books of all kinds
空白月份牌Blank monthly calendar
三十五週紀念Thirty-fifth anniversary
小辭典Little dictionary
使小兒加餐用嬰孩自己藥片Use Baby's Own Tablets to make children eat more
攬鏡自照欣然色喜深感如意膏之功Feel the effectiveness of SHE-KO after happily seeing oneself in the mirror
徵求答案Call for answers
日間操勞惟酣睡乃能恢復Only good sleep can help you recover from daytime work
柯達軟片Kodak film
三花牌香粉Three flowers face powder
身體強健Strong and healthy body
脫帽握手時When taking off hat and shaking hands
家庭新工藝縐紙製花Family new craft crepe-paper flowers
愛蘭百利代乳粉The allenbury's milk powder
鷄眼作祟It is corns that cause the trouble
種德園著名良藥Zhong de yuan famous medicine
出類拔萃的制育良藥Ideales anticoncipiens
國貨味母Domestic product Ve-Mo
四時咸宜It is suitable for all four seasons
小學校最適用的兩套掛圖The two sets of posters most suitable for elementary schools
天然色攝影Photography in natural colors
女子職業指導Guide to women's employment
英漢模範字典Model English-Chinese Dictionary
王雲五大辭典Wang Yunwu Dictionary
退熱聖劑Sacred medicine for treating fever
投稿簡章Submission description
嚴譯名著叢刊Yan's translations of famous works and book series
少年自然科學叢書Natural science book series for youths
縫紉教員身體衰頹今告愈矣The health of this tailor teacher was declining but now she is announced recovered