Funü zazhi
No. 010 (01 October, 1931)
Pages available: 1 - 146 (146 total)
購置皮衣此其時矣It is the time to purchase fur coats
不遠千里Travelling long distance
月月紅Emmenagogue pills
王雲五大辭典Wang Yunwu Dictionary
基本教科書Basic textbooks
遊興彌增The desire to travel gradually increased
安不忘危Be mindful for danger in times of peace
本誌明年徵文Call for papers for next year, The Ladies' Journal
棕欖霜Palmolive vanishing cream
婦女福音Women's gospel
男子之髮Men's hair
閒居無俚胡不學製紙花Why not learn to make paper flowers when your free time is boring
三花牌美容妙品Three flowers wonderful cosmetics
愛蘭百利代乳粉The allenbury's milk powder
惟此科學方法使君牙齒健全Only this scientific method can make your teeth healthy
維妙維肖Fine resemblance
自來奶藥Breastmilk increase medicine
揩窗用大華除垢粉Clean windows by using Dahua's descaling powder
福美明達保喉聖片Formamint for sore throat
色豔駐久Colors are gorgeous and long-lasting
國貨味母Domestic product Ve-Mo
出類拔萃的制育良藥Ideales anticoncipiens
衛生妙品Wonderful hygiene products
體育器械Sports equipment
種德園著名良藥Zhong de yuan famous medicine
十三月新曆法The new 13 Month calendar
超人哲學淺說Elementary introduction to superman's philosophy
徵求Wanting The Ladies' Journals
社會科學史叢書History of social sciences book series
姆斯巨洛新牛肉汁Byla's musculosine
投稿簡章Submission description
東方雜誌第二十八卷第十三號、第十四號、第十五號Key table of contents, Vol. 28, Issue 13, 14,15, The Eastern Miscellany
租稅轉嫁與歸宿The Shifting and Incidence of Taxation
新出版物New publications
遷改地址/ 查詢雜誌Change address/ Search magazine
婦與其夫最大之貢獻The biggest contribution of the wife and the husband