Funü zazhi
No. 011 (01 November, 1931)
Pages available: 1 - 150 (150 total)
麗娟女士人才出眾此次初試新裝This is the first time for outstanding Mrs. Lijuan to try new clothes
最近三十五年之中國教育Chinese education in the past thirty-five years
十九世紀歐洲思想史A History of European Thought in the 19th Century
好運連環儲蓄Series of good luck savings
月月紅Emmenagogue pills
新藥集New medicine collection
卻彼睡魔Sleep monster is driven away
如被毒蚊所吮速搽如意膏If bitten by poisonous mosquitoes, please use SHE-KO immediately
本誌明年徵文Call for papers for next year, The Ladies' Journal
皮膚細潔Skin is soft and clean
何疾不瘳Any illness can be cured
柯達軟片Kodak film
每晨搽用Use it every morning
三花牌香霜Three flowers vanishing cream
佛光牌Buddha trademark
衛生棉衛生帶, 消黑美容水Comfort sanitary napkin and belt, The face beauty lotion
家庭新工藝縐紙製花Family new craft crepe-paper flowers
香烟中美的結晶The crystallization of beauty in cigarettes
徵誌讓誌Wanting and giving away The Ladies' Journals
愛蘭百利代乳粉The allenbury's milk powder
牙齒醫術之改進The improvement of dentistry
功效立見Immediate effect
國貨味母Domestic product Ve-Mo
自來奶藥Breastmilk increase medicine
揩窗用大華除垢粉Clean windows by using Dahua's descaling powder
足生鷄眼步履為難It is hard to walk with corns
種德園著名良藥Zhong de yuan famous medicine
浴後風光Scene after bath
出類拔萃的制育良藥Ideales anticoncipiens
衛生妙品Wonderful hygiene products
冠生園玩具食品Kwan Sun Yuan toys and food
徵求Wanting The Ladies' Journals
小學教學法Teaching methods of elementary school
研究外交問題之要籍Important books on studying diplomaticy
姆斯巨洛新牛肉汁Byla's musculosine
投稿簡章Submission description
奢摩他室曲叢Series of Samatha songs
最新出版New publications
最新出版New publications
東方雜誌第二十八卷第十六號、第十七號要目Key table of contents, Vol. 28, Issue 16, 17, The Eastern Miscellany
最新出版New publications
十大雜誌Ten big magazines