Nüzi Shijie
No. 003 (06 March, 1905)
Pages available: 1 - 106 (106 total)
女子世界第三期(原十五期)目錄Table of contents, issue 3, Nuzi shijie
論復女權必以教育為預備A discussion on education being necessary to prepare for a restoration of women's rights
祝中國婦女會之前途Wishes for the future of women's society
爭約之警告二Warnings of competition two
游戲數學Playing with math (continued)
神經系統之衛生說(續一期)Discussing the health of the nervous system (continued from issue 1)
植物園搆設法(譯稿)How to establish a botanical garden (translated)
普通寫真術(即攝影法)Ordinary portraiture (methods for developing photographs)
求妻告白Coming clean on saving wives
兒童教育話Speaking about educating children (continued)
雜說Different views
革命婦人Revolutionary women
春夜Spring evening
過江Crossing the river
題素心蘭On Su Xinlan
塞下Under the obstruction
秋夜書懷Recording my heart on an autumn's eve
天足會Natural feet society
偶成三絕示二姊四妹Surreptisiously composing three quatrains to show second sister and fourth sister
與韞華韞章二妹言志因作Written together with my sisters Yunhua and Yunzhang, speaking our hopes
撫念時艱悲憤不能自已援筆書此以當哭Comforting myself when remembering past hardship I cannot take up my pen to write this and so I cry
哭陶亞魂Crying for Tao Yahun
大陸將沉作此自勵兼以勉某某諸同志The mainland is about to sink; I write this to encourage all my comrades to avoid this
聞粵東某女士創辦一女報命名女鏡喜而有作Composed upon hearing the happy news that a lady scholar in Guangdong was establishing a woman's journal named Women's M
箴女界十六首Sixteen verses admonishing the women's realm
新體豔詩A verse on flourishing new bodies
趙愛華女士著新翻子夜歌佳絕友人吹萬亦有是作與趙亞戲為效作十四首愧未逮也Four verses on the shame of not-yet-reaching
荒磯Desolate rocks (continued)
無錫女界Female society in Wuxi
蘇州女界Female society in Suzhou
上海女界Female society in Shanghai
禁及婦女Restrictions reaching women
實行預備Practical preparation
名家演說Speeches from well-known people
嘉定女界Female society in Jiading
留學女藝Women's arts abroad
留學服裝Dress for studying abroad
通辦教授Multi-tasking professors
速成功效Speedy results
學界感情Feelings on the scholarly world
日女感情Feelings among Japanese women
實業現狀The current circumstances for industry
女醫渡東Female doctors cross to the East
女界之英Heroes among women
議設分校Discussing establishing separations in schools
黃金時代The golden years
學生名籍A roster of students
攷察教育Examining education
文明結婚enlightened marriages
志學藝會Study societies
離婚創舉Commencing divorce
一科以資練習云A class which studies wealth through practice
修建擇期開學矣Correcting and choosing the times for starting school
振興實業Encouraging industry
仿辦女工Imitating the work of women laborers
刺繡專科Specializing in embroidering
對付美兵Dealing with pretty soldiers
女學消息News on women's learning
說愛On love
原情First love
敬告二萬萬同胞姊妹Warning my two hundred thousand sister compatriots