No. 011 (27 May, 1931)
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男子的心理究竟是怎樣What on earth is in the mind of men?
摩登青年 — 透論男子的虛榮Modern youth - thorough discussion about men's vanity
國議的女代表Female delegates of the national assembly
男子一定要會鈔麽Do men definitely have to pay the bills?
女子應該學習烹飪Women should learn cooking
寫給朋友的丈夫信 (續)To the husband of my friend - don't treat your wife as prisoner
性學博士演講速記 (續)A short note about the lecture held by the doctor of sexuality studies
交際祕訣The secret of socializing
愛經 (續)Scriptures of love (continued)
從社交公開説到男子的罪惡(續)Talking about the evil of men in relation to public socialization - assailing working women with obscenities, ruining their virginity
可以嫁給十九嵗的男子麽?Can I marry a 19-year-old man?
當心!姨太太—摩登女子不要媚外Be careful! Concubines - modern women should not worship things foreign
失戀人語Words of a man who lost his lover
世界網球大王Tennis world champion
孕婦須知 (續)The need-to-know for pregnant women (continued)
不要白丟了郵費Don't waste your postage in vain
兒童不可多哭 (續)Children should not cry too much (continued)
兒童的病徴Symptoms of children's diseases
照片與圖畫有何區別 (續)The differences between photographs and drawings (continued)
/Don't tell her
編輯者言Editor's note/talk
比麗值得紀念的一吻A memorable kiss of Billy
好萊塢的大富翁 (續)Hollywood's richest people (continued)
游泳池畔By a swimming pool
給瓊克勞馥的信A letter to Joan Crawford
糊塗蟲Addleheads (Laurel and Hardy)
女性的權威Authority of Women