No. 034 (04 November, 1931)
Pages available: 1 - 40 (40 total)
為摩登少女進一言:一個女子的經驗談A piece of advice for modern girls: experience talk of a woman
男子的變態Men's attitude change
男子的怕羞Men's coyness
他為什麼愛我?Why does he love me?
愛情的燃料Fuel for love
家庭的組織與維持(續)Family organization and family maintenance
怎樣吸引別人How to attract other people?
電車中速記Shorthand in the tram
摩登女子的問題Problem of modern women
相夫要訣Tips for finding a good husband
自造墨水法Method for making ink by oneself
妊娠第二個月(未完)The second month of pregnancy (to be continued)
人乳與牛乳比較Compare human breast milk with cow's milk
發電報的小門檻:節省、迅速、正確The threshold for sending a telegram: money-saving, prompt, correct
學時髦Learning about fashion
女子是生育機器麼?Are women child bearing machines?
事實The fact
全世界汽車的統計Statistics of cars in the world
兒童精神上的指導(未完)Mental instruction for children (to be continued)
家庭教育Domestic education
編輯者言Editor's note
二十八字詞Poem of twenty-eight characters
用心理批評麻雀(續)To criticize Mahjong with psychology (continued)
火災Fire hazard
電影趣問答Interesting questions and answers about film
永不睡眠的明星A star who never sleeps
如此家庭(未完)Such family (to be continued)
第三十四期要目Important contents of issue thirty-four