No. 003 (01 April, 1931)
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不滅的青春底希望The inextinguishable hope of youth
我對於接吻表示My opinion on kissing
男子的玩意兒Men's plaything
新女子應有之準備New women's essential preparation
青春的危機The crisis of youth
如何對付未婚夫 (續)How to tackle your fiancé (continued)
我的丈夫觀My opinion on husband
出嫁Getting married
沉醉的青春Intoxicated Youth
希望男子分居Hoping that a man could live away from (his parents') home
不要刨黃瓜兒Don't be a fool/ Don't end up being called cucumber
我夢實現時When My Dreams Come True
腰線美的力量The power of the beauty of waistline
敷粉也是藝術Applying powder (Doing Makeup) is also an art
血染征塵Fighting Caravans
琵琵出浴Bebe (Daniels) getting out of the bath
吉爾勃之犧牲(John) Gilbert's sacrifice
愛迪夸侖的消遣Aidi Kualun's pastime
以泰音樂Music From the Ether
開到冷落處 Driving to an unfrequented place
到瑞士去Go to Switzerland
嘉寶自殺Garbo's suicide
好萊塢的"肉"Hollywood's "Flesh"