No. 010 (20 May, 1931)
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給姐妹們To (my) sisters
寫給朋友的丈夫的信 — 不要待妻子像犯人To the husband of my friend - don't treat your wife as prisoner
從社交公開説到男子罪惡 — 打棚職業女子 摧殘處女貞操Talking about the evil of men in relation to public socialization - assailing working women with obscenities, ruining their chastity
性學博士演講速記A short note about the lecture held by the doctor of gender studies
婦女要訊Important news for women
你配出嫁嗎? — 狠漂亮,狠摩登,狠不易嫁Are you qualified to get married? Very pretty/good looking, very modern, very uneasy/difficult to get married
爲什麽兩峯不高Why are your breasts not big (enough)?
同別位男友出去Hanging out with another male friend
今非昔比的女子 (續)Women nowadays are no longer what they were before (continued)
結婚前一日The day before the wedding
婚后的丈夫 (續)Husbands after marriage
阿摩尼亞水的用法The use of liquid ammonia
醜夫人(My) ugly wife
孕婦須知What pregnant women need to know
美容之門 — 洗臉妙法Gate to beauty - clever/wonderful methods of washing your face
愛經Scriptures of love
編輯者言Editor's note/talk
兒童不可多哭Children should not cry too much
五六七月間攝影之指導Instruction in photography in May, June and July
/Moonnight on the Colorado
女性的尊嚴The dignity of women
打字員與修面師Typist and barber
好萊塢的大富翁Hollywood's richest people