No. 093 (26 April, 1933)
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關於女子參政on women's participation in the politics
蘇俄的女工生活the women worker's lif in Russia
無婦女男性不離於野蠻without women, men would stay uncivilized
上海的離婚divorce cases in Shanghai
男女平等的民族:女子也參加的狩獵生活a clan with sexual equality: women also participate in hunting
世界各國女性的比較(下)a comparison of women in different countries Part II
婦女消息二則two pieces of women's news
父親的三個理由father's three reasons for his opposition
交際名花:拋夫棄女以身殉情a famous social beauty: abandoned her husband and daughter and committed suicide for her frustrated love
對孩子的賞和罰rewards and punishments for children
疾病和看護常識common knowledge of patient care
治眼痛法healing sore eyes
使牙潔白法how to whiten your teeth
使墨水不滲散how to prevent ink from spreading
久藏鮮蛋法fresh egg storage
廢物利用四則four cases of the utilization of waste
已嫁之女a married daughter
戀寡拋妻married man committed adultery with a window
編輯者言Editor's note
冰瑩到福建去了Bingying went to Fujian
陶先生和洋囡囡 (下)Mr. Tao and the Doll (Part II)
野玫瑰、野貓和他的愛護者a wild rose and wild cat and her supporters
同性愛?affection between the sam sex?
愛神的俘虜the captive of Cupid
徵婚lonely-heart advertisement
春底日記diaries in spring
情書展覽Love Letters on Display
有這樣負責的丈夫嗎?Are there such responsible husbands?
評“女性的吶喊“on "the cry of women"
兩週間之中外新片new films of the domestic and foreign production in two weeks
國片界花絮Titbits of domestic film production
外籍明星將不能在美立足foreign stars can not base themselves in the U.S.
好萊塢短訊Hollywood Flash News
吳市長發起籌募電影號飛機,業界參加“空救”之實際工作the Mayor Wu took the initiative in collecting funds for "Movie airplane", the business field is participating in the works of jet rescue
國片界前途樂觀?domestic film production has a bright future?