No. 127 (10 January, 1934)
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建設的蘇俄婦女Constructed Ms Su E
一位新女子舊式婚姻之自供Confessions on the old-style wedding of a new woman
婦女國貨年應注意的兩點Two things which need to be considered in women's domestic good year
職業婦女十誡Decalogue of working women
女偉人競選Campaign for great women
美俄男女在上海結婚之普遍The common marriage of couple Mei and E in Shanghai
結婚與經濟的難題The problems of marriage and experience
美國之接吻比賽American kissing competition
存款應有之常識Common knowledge of having a deposit
面部美容之總總The sum of facial beauty
夫有外遇The husband has an extramarital affair
秋夜的公園A park at night
侯爵夫人的香肩The delicious shoulder of the marquis husband
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女校長被迫賣淫The head of the girls' school was forced to sell sex
兒童與家庭Children and family
陳友仁女在俄跳舞Ms Chen Youren at a Russian dance
國際慈善會代表來華Representatives of the international charity meeting visit China
開封婦女生活The life of Ms Kaifeng
三言兩語In a few words
會說洋話的影星Movie stars who can speak foreign languages
影界小閒話Little gossip from the movie world
蘇俄電影演員之特點The characteristics of Soviet and Russian film actors
皇帝野貓之結合The combination of emperor and srtay cat