No. 196 (07 August, 1935)
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做一位現代女子To be a modern woman
交際的真義The true meaning of socializing
戰爭中的性問題The issue of sex in the war
要萬分謹慎Be highly cautious
談貞操About chastity
國民犧牲精神與女界責任The sacrifice spirit of the nation and the responsibility of the world of women
一位日本交際花的自白The confession of a Japanese courtesan
戀愛不遂想自殺Disappointed in love, rather commit suicide
醉心交際,不好讀書Indulge in socializing, no interest in learning
眼臉有紅圈Red rimmed eyes
單眼皮改造雙眼皮Single eyelid transformed in to double eyelid
水菓與小兒病療法Fruits and the treatment of children´s illness
一九三六年美的條件The qualifications of beautiy in 1936
五穀蟲療小兒疳積之神效Magic effect of maggot-treatment for infantile malnutrition stagnation
噤口痢秘方Secret prescription for dysentery
耳聾秘方Secret prescription for deafness
查瑞龍暹羅夫人趣聞The anecdote of Zha Ruilong and his Thai wife
胡蝶的海上生活Hu Die's life on the sea
關於鄭正秋About Zheng Zhengqiu
岳楓王引都是脫底朋友Yue Feng and Wang Yin are both sloppy guys
黎莉莉落第Li Lili failed
W小姐的日記Miss. W's diary
時代的英雄Hero of the era
古今豔聞:閒話「腳」Erotic stories from past and present: Chat on "Foot"
消夏錄Summer stories
女革命家徐寄塵逝世The woman revolutionist Xu Jichen passed away
女體育家婚變服毒自殺Sportswoman committed suicide for marriage misfortune
軟玻璃涼帽Soft glass summer hat
德國禁人民與猶太人性交Gemany forbid his people to have sexual intercourse with the Jew
廣西三江縣女子穿裙不穿褲Women in Sanjiang County in Guangxi wear dress but not trousers
交大高材生獄中奇異發明Brilliant invention of the student of Jiaotong University in prison
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