No. 197 (14 August, 1935)
Pages available: 1 - 80 (80 total)
掙扎在死亡線上的中國農村婦女Chinese countrywomen struggling on the verge of death
女人是禍水嗎?Are women the ruining flood?
酒,高跟鞋 誤了她Alcohol and high-heeled shoes destroyed her
女子教育的我見My point of view on women education
西藏之女性中心家族制The women-centered family system in Tibet
女兒經Bible for girls
給有愛人的人 To those who have lovers
一個新奇有趣客廳的佈置法An interesting and novel way of decoration for living room
自我戀的現象 The phenomenon of narcissism
熱戀,不得自由Fallen in love, no freedom
如何治遺精How to treat nocturnal emission
美容新法New beautifying methods
嬰兒之啼哭和母親的注意Baby's crying and mother's attention
兒童生長的考察Research on children's growth
養豬育肥法How to raise strong and fleshy pigs
茀雷亞斯坦舞的故事The story of ?'s dance
女明星十二金釵之個性The character of the twelve beautiful women stars
男明星淪為男妓Man star fell into prostitute
老高是龍邱居士 Gao senior is Mr. Longqiu
一個趣聞 An anecdote
流浪的歌者 Wandering singer
談七夕詩詞About poems of Qixi
消夏錄Summer stories
換妻趣聞An anecdote of exchanging wives
楊秀瓊廈門獻藝Yang Xiuqiong demonstrated her talent in Xiamen
盜劫裸體主義者 Nudists got robbed
首都第一次集團結婚趣聞Anecdote: The first group wedding in the capital Beijing
男女露體罰做苦工 Hard labor as punsihment for men and women being nude
妓女預約券Prostitute reservation coupon
編輯後記Editor epilogue