No. 246 (22 July, 1936)
Pages available: 1 - 80 (80 total)
玲瓏 婦女雜誌Linloon women's magazine
廿八期要目Table of contents of Issue 28
化妝品進口激增The drastic increase of import of cosmetics
暑期中的讀書問題The issue on studying in summer time
冰心演講同性愛記Record of Bingxin's lecture on homosexuality
冰心以外幾位女作家的小史Brief report on several female writers besides Bingxin
現代女子的苦悶Depression of contemporary women
倒立美容法The method of beauty by upside-down
拜足狂Foot fetishists
日人之軋姘頭妙法Japanese people's good way to engage in extramarital affairs
蘇俄之二十五萬女軍人The two hundred and fifty thousand women soldiers in Russia
日本女子的搽粉工程The powdering work of Japanese women
裸浴與健美On nude bath and healthy and beautiful
啼笑錄:母女同夫Embarassing note: mother and daughter with the same husband
啼笑錄:龍鍾少女Embarrassing note: old damsel
舞女的非人生活The inhumane life of prostitutes
婚後一年尚為處女Being a virgin after married for one year
貞操觀念的遺毒The evil legacy of concept on virginity
如何使面皮白嫩How to whiten face skin
夏天的面部化裝To wear facial makeup in summer
當心兒童中針毒!Watch out to prevent children from poisoned needle
幾種家品的保存法Several methods to preserve the household goods
墨索里尼駐顏術Mussolini's way to retain youthful looks
上海游泳池The swimming pools in Shanghai
妙語:痛快淋漓Amusing words: sexual excitement
妙語:魚有腳嗎?Amusing words: Does fish have feet?
英國婦女的參政問題On political representation of English women
牽涉三個女性的一件妒殺案A murder involved three women