No. 269 (13 January, 1937)
Pages available: 1 - 80 (80 total)
第二期要目Important contents of the second issue
國難與新年娛樂The national catastrophe and the entertainment in the new year.
美國女子訓練所The training place for the women in America.
新家庭與新婦女The new familiy and the new woman
上海婦女的家庭職業The family occupation of the women in Shanghai.
黑美人The black beauty
日本的藝妓The geisha in Japan.
一位民族女英雄A national heroine.
希特拉的胞妹Hitler‘s sister.
我要奪囘我底愛人I will retake my lover.
他爱上别人了吧Maybe he has loved others
跟心爱男子通信Epistolizing with the beloved man
解决婚姻问题To solve the problem of marriage
妊娠期中丈夫嫖妓染毒The husband because of whoredom was infected while the wife in gestation period
指甲的增美术How to beautify the nail
装置火炉注意点Be careful when installing the stove
小孩子们The littel children
十字路口血案 (上)Murder at the crossroad (first part)
女警察的生活自白The internal monologue for life of a policewoman
法国一为女扮男装军人的趣史The interesting story about a female soldier disguised as a man
谋刺殷汝耕的一个舞女A dancing girl, who murdered Yinrugeng
移植青春腺Transplanting the adrenal grand.