No. 296 (27 July, 1937)
Pages available: 1 - 80 (80 total)
第廿九期要目Table of contents for the 29th issue
如何消夏How to spend summer
今年的夏令營Summer Camps this year
婚姻趣话 - 多妻与多夫Witticism about marriage - Polygamy and polyandry
莫忘了你的家庭Don't forget your family
各國女青年的健身運動(續)Exercise of young women from different coutries (Continued)
丈夫一去七載,在他鄉另娶新歡Away for seven years, the husband has married to another woman
多情莫被多情誤 - 少女可否結交男朋友Marriage shouldn't be interfered by affection from others. - Should this woman accept this boyfriend?
精神上痛苦異常Psychological suffering
沐浴與美容Bath and Beauty
夏天廚房里的衛生Kitchen's hygiene in summer
兒童的精神訓練Children's psychological training
流氓大王之弟The younger brother of the king of hooligan