No. 297 (04 August, 1937)
Pages available: 1 - 80 (80 total)
第三十期要目Important Contents of Issue 30
父子同婚The father and the son marry at the same time
到高橋去Let us go to Gaoqiao
男女之間的話 The words between men and women
桑思格的牧羊女The Shepherdesses in Sanggesi
日本女學生心目中的配偶 The ideal spouse of the Japanese female students
墓前結婚The wedding at the grave
養父母為我反目,如何逃出黑暗家庭?The adoptive parents quarrel with each other. How an I escape from the dark family?
失掉了處女膜,在新婚那晚怎樣呢?The hymen has been lost, what should I do on the wedding night?
生育與人工妊娠法The fertility and artificial insemination.
飛行同志的回聲The echo of the pilot
唇部美的化裝Make-up pf the lipps
夏天兩種美味食品Two kinds of dilicious food
炎夏季節食物的防腐法How to against rot of the food in the hot summer
補白The Filler
母親需知道的怎樣教養孩子How to educate the children - the mothers need to know
著名偵探故事選 縱火案(上)Selected Detective Short Stories: The Arson (1)
如何佈置臥室How to decorate a bedroom
芬蘭奇浴記The wonderful experience of the bath in Finnland
扶桑三島的賣笑婦The prostitutes in Japan
南京的歌女生涯The singsong girls in Nanjing