Funü zazhi
No. 010 (05 October, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 214 (214 total)
婦女雜誌第一卷第十號目錄Table of contents, volume 1, issue 10, Funu zazhi
論說Discussion [title page]
秦始皇微行逢盜論Discussion of Qin Shi Huang's encounter with bandits on a narrow path
種花者言Words from a gardener
論狄仁傑姨母盧氏Discussion of heroic Di Ren maternal aunt from Lushi
學問可變化氣質論Discussion of how learning can change one's temperament
商鞅變法以強秦論Discussion of the Qin state's power due to Shang Yang's political reforms
戰勝艱難說Discussion of the difficulty of being victorious
依薩伯拉時代之西班牙The era of Isabella of Spain
論人宜有冒險性Discussion of having correct conduct in difficulty
學藝Learning and skills [title page]
繡餘理化談異(續)Interesting discussion on physics and chemistry for leisure reading after embroidering (continued)
牛乳之研究Research on cow's milk
紡織手術之研究Research on hand-spinning
有毒植物之研究Research on poisonous plants
蔬果之貯藏法Methods for storing up fruits and vegtables
家政Home economics [titlepage]
實用一家經濟法(續)Practical financial methods for a home (continued)
家庭傳染病豫防法(續)Transmission of contagious diseases effecting the home and how to prevent them (continued)
鏡臺小志(續)By Lena Guilbert Ford, (to make one's) Toilet Editress of 'Madame' 'an(d) the Lady's World"
婦人治家譚Talks on housewives' governance of the home
中饋談(續)On culinary arts (continued)
女學商榷Negotiation on women's study [title page]
說女學之改良Discussion of improving women's education
秋花雜詠Autumnal flowers in various subjects in poetic forms
女世說卷二(續)Biographies of women volume two (continued)
吳中十女子集 (續)A Collection of ten women from Wuzhong (continued)
小說 Fiction [title page]
髫齡夢影(續)A dream of a youth (continued)
雪蓮日記(續)Diary of Xue Lian (continued)
神龍鱗爪Fragments of the dragon spirit
一朵雲A cluster of flower-like clouds
相御妻彈詞Lyrics for stories about issues of controlling one's wife
西神客話Xi Shen Ke's commentaries
譯海Translated works [titlepage]
孕婦須知Necessary knowledge for a pregnant woman
婦女尋常西禮式Common standard customs of Western housewives
家庭新智識New knowledge for the household
文范Literary garden [titlepage]
灌香艸堂詩序Preface to the poetry from the Guanxiangcao hall
西湖遊記Travelogue of West Lake
詩選Selected poems
美術Art [titlepage]
家庭職業刺繡學 (續)Working from home: embroidery (continued)
美術叢譚 (續)Art talks (continued)
西神客話Xi Shen Ke's commentaries
雜俎Miscellaneous collection [title page]
然脂餘韻 (續)
花月痕傳奇Mark of the flower moon (story from Qing dynasty)
嬃磐室摭言Collected talks from Xu Pan's room
新見聞隨筆(續)Jottings on new knowledge (continued)
傳記 Biography [titlepage]
陳母沈太君家傳Biography of Mrs Chen Mushen, mother of a high official
先嗣繼妣沈太君行述First inheritor to deceased mother to high official Shen obituary
周湘雲女士哀詞彙錄Collection of records of Zhou Xiangyun's laments
調查Survey [title page]
我所見之外來婦女生活現狀My opinions on the current situation of non-native housewives
紀載Digest [title page]
女界學術研習會簡章General regulations on the examination and research of women's learning
餘興Entertainment [titlepage]