Funü zazhi
No. 003 (28 February, 1919)
Pages available: 1 - 175 (175 total)
根本改造人種之問題The question of fundamental transformation of the [human] races
紡績箴言Maxims about spinning [fibers]
飲料之研究Research on drinks
簡易實驗小兒疾病治療法(續)Pediatric disease treatment methods (continued)
日光療目法之新發明(附圖三)New invention of sunlight therapy for eyes
家庭工業(續)Cottage industry (continued)
植物之種子(附圖六)譯日本理學界Seeds of plants (with six images) translated from Japnese Science World
烹調秘術The secret art of cooking
單寧酸說譯日本婦女界雜誌十八卷五號Discussing Tannin translated from Japanese women's journal vol. 10 issue 5
凍瘡預防法Methods of treating frostbite
家庭養雞學(續)Science of raising chickens at home (continued)
兒童軟骨病之治療法 譯美國婦女雜誌Treatment of rickets in children Translation from American women's journal
婦女十五分鐘之體操(續四卷十一號)附圖八15 minute workout for women (continued from vol. 4 issue 10) with 8 images
發育時期之女子Developmental stages in women
治家四要(續)The four most imporant things for homemakers (continued)
園藝植物之應用Applications of gardening plants
美國婦女之日本觀〔譯美國家政雜誌一九一八年三月號〕Japanese views of American women (translated from American home economics magazine March, 1918)
外姑徐淑人傳Biography of (mother's aunt) Xu Shuren
蔡母楊太君七十壽言Words of longevity for Cai Muyang on her 70th year, mother of a high official
王母于太夫人六十生日詩序代 Preface for the sixtieth birthdya of Mrs. Wang Muyu
王母于太夫人六十壽詩Preface for the sixtieth birthdya of Mrs. Wang Muyu
姚志梁先生金婚賀詩Mr. Yao Zhiliang
陳母李太夫人六十壽詩Verse for Mrs. Chen Muli in her sixtieth year
縫工女(附圖一)Female seemstresses (with an image)
養蜂(附圖一)Beekeeping (with an image)
君子花彈詞(附圖一)(續)第三回談虎Nobelman Hua's tan ci (with an image) (continued)
兒童用筷子的研究A study of children's use of chopsticks
國文範作Exemplary Essays
模範兒童(附圖二)Model children (with two images)
夜坐隨筆(續)Casual notes for evening sitting (contined)
體育新遊戲New physical education games
家庭新遊戲(附圖二)New household experiments (continued)
風俗畫(附圖一)Images of customs (with one image)
蝦蟆與田鼠(附圖三)Toad and rats (with three images)