Funü zazhi
No. 010 (30 September, 1927)
Pages available: 1 - 148 (148 total)
今後我國婦女應有之政法權The political rights that our nation's women should have
挽近婦女運動的失敗及其救濟The failure of women movenment in Wan Jin and its relief
貧富與生殖率Wealth and reproduction rate
良心逼我寫的一封信A letter out of conscience
金玉良言Good suggestions
總使我流淚Always make me cry
心腸太硬了A hardhearted father
舐犢之愛The love for children
不要被祖母知道Do not let my grandma know
攝影後的批評Criticism after photographing
別忘了自己是童養媳呵Do not forget you are a child bride
如何是好How should I do
胡不歸來Why the letter has not arrived yet
其言也善The words are kind and useful
失學妻子的補習教育The make-up education for dropout wife
婦女與歇私的裏亞Women and hysteria
中國民俗的兒童概念The concept of children in Chinese folk custom
家庭組織的進化The evolution of family organization
兩種蟹的調制法Two cooking method of crabs
兩個怪癖的婦女 懒大王Two eccentric women the king of laziness
兩個怪癖的婦女 母老虎Two eccentric women tigress
秋燈下的勤勞Working hard under the street lamp in the fall
秋葉式的人生The life like autumn leaf
未做完的夹袄Unfinished clothes
慈母的心The heart of amiable mother
柏春明天走了Bo Chun will go tomorrow
剪破了我的心My heart was broken
寒催刀尺Sewing at the cold night
賢良的婦人The virtuous and kind woman
挫折是成功之母Frustration is the mother of success
教員之妻The instructor's wife
情癡The love maniac
婚後的悲哀The sadness after getting marriage
棄婦A abandoned woman
嘉耦怨耦Harmonious couple and inharmonious couple
醫事衛生顧問The consultor of medicine and sanitation
盲聾女子克勒氏自傳The autobiography of blind and deaf Mrs Kele