Funü zazhi
No. 011 (31 October, 1927)
Pages available: 1 - 144 (144 total)
泛太平洋婦女會議The pan Pacific women conference
謬誤觀念的糾正Correcting the wrong thought
惡習應當鏟除的To abandon the bad habits
婦女奢侈與家庭The women luxury and family
貧女教育的標准The standard of the poor women's education
貧女解放的根本問題The critical problems of the poor women's liberation
糜爛俄羅斯之新婚姻律The new marriage law of the luxurious and messed Russia
寶寶的歌聲The dear baby
另有一番滋味There is another happiness
泥人與箫The clay figure and the clarionet
靠菩薩的福Thanks for the Bodhisattva's help
李家嫂Mrs Li
我們真可驕矜We really can do something arrogantly
歌謠中所見的安徽婦女The Anhui's fu nu in folk songs
山格夫人之在巴黎Mrs Shan Ge in Paris
十六歲少女的愛情測驗法The love test method for sixteen-year-old girls
荷葉邊的簡單制法The brief way to make falbala
書材雜談Generalization on books
家庭副業養雞法How to cultivate domestic chicken
斷腸錄的一段A heart-broken memory
象棋初步Primary introduction about Chinese chess
神往故鄉Missing hometown
一對可憐蟲A couple of poor men
永遠的傷痕The permanent scar
引起了忏悔心Repentance is evoked
我們的乳母Our nanny
震碎了她的心膽Her heart got broken
蕙兒的悲哀The sadness of Huier
不同樣的感想The different reflections
父親的忏悔Father's confession
到外婆家去Go to grandma's home
是誰將她斷送了Who did destroy her life
嘉耦怨耦Harmonious couple and inharmonious couple
醫事衛生顧問The consultor of medicine and sanitation
盲聾女子克勒氏自傳The autobiography of blind and deaf Mrs Kele