Funü zazhi
No. 004 (01 April, 1928)
Pages available: 1 - 162 (162 total)
新女子的真精神The real spirit of the new women
圖書館與女子職業Library and women's occupation
法律上男女平等之原則The principle of gender equality in law
還是讀書求實學的好It is really better to be educated
幸福之船The boat of happiness
不分明的恩怨The indistinguishable gratitude and enmity
莺與輕夢The yellow warblers and dreams
落紅萬點愁如海Unlimited anxiety
紙鸢的故事The story of kites
相見會有期Meet each other in the future
鬥嘴以後After squabbling
小姊姊回家吧Coming home, my sister
青山?墓田?The green hill? The graveyard?
婦女的職業和婦女的墮落Women's occupation and degeneration
嬰兒生命的第一年The first year of the babies
理想的丈夫The ideal husband
凰鳴諧諧The tweeting of female phoenix
衣類布帛的染色法The staining of clothing
婦女養蜜蜂的利益The women's benefit of keeping bees
足部和鞋襪Feet, shoes, and socks
室內花卉裝飾術The indoor arrangement of flowers and plants
春表的幸福Chunbiao's happiness
兒女的榜樣The good example of sons and daughters
秘密的雅谑The mystrious banter
大伯的苦悶The uncle's anguish
藝術的風格The art style
陳媽的疑問Maid Chen's question
絕妙的劇本The exceptional scenario
雙親大人The parents
嘉耦怨耦Harmonious couple and inharmonious couple
醫事衛生顧問The consultor of medicine and sanitation
盲聾女子克勒氏自傳The autobiography of blind and deaf Mrs Kele