No. 015 (24 June, 1931)
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光華大學婁鐵君女士芳影Photograph of Ms Lou Tiejun from Guanghua university
光華大學郭少慧女士玉Ms Guo Shaohui from Guanghua university
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沈季玉女士 Ms Shen Jiyu
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周福君女士Ms Zhou Fujun
晏摩氏女校家政班全體攝影Group photo of the housekeeping class of the Anmo Girls' school
閨秀麗影A beautiful photo of a young lady
兩江女子籃球隊長邵錦英女士Ms Shao Jinying leader of the Liangjiang women's basketball team
林月秋女士Ms Lin Yueqiu
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俞炳琪女士Ms Yu Bingqi
張寶瑾孫曉霞女士均擅運動Ms Zhang Baojin and Ms Sun Xiaoxia are both good at sports
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摩登居室之一隅A corner of a modern living room
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學校的開夜車生活The life of burning the midnight oil at school
 給你吃罷Eat this
 天真的凝思Innocent contemplation
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殘餘的萬里長城Remains of the Great Wall
健美的體格Vigorous and graceful physique
攝影場中之音樂配合The musical accompaniment on the film set
女明星瓊麥許Female movie star Joan Marsh
電影中之幻術攝影The magical cinematography in films
賈克亞開與其新女角瓊麥考Jiakeyakai and his new female role Qiongmaikao
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電影明星葛烈泰嘉寶的神情The look of movie star Greta Garbo
銀壇女作家卡門彭絲The female writer in the movie world Carmen Barnes