No. 022 (12 August, 1931)
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王勤芳女士近影Recent photo of Ms Wang Qinfang
梁雪清女士游泳池畔之留影A souvenir photo of Ms Liang Xueqing on the side of a swimming pond
陳安娜女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Chen Anna
陳婉君女士近影Recent photo of Ms Chen Wanjun
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朱琴女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Zhu Qin
兩江薛奇定女士玉影Precious photo of Ms Xue Qiding from Liang Jiang
夏季新裝:婦女時裝New summer fashion: fashionable dresses for women
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任秀群女士芳影Aromatic photo of Ms Ren Xiuqun
燙髮新樣(五):波羅蜜式Women's new hair perm styles (5): the style of Pine Apple Bob
顏美清女士最近攝影Latest photograph of Ms Yan Meiqing
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最簡單摩登寫字檯的佈置The arrangement of a most simple and modern writing desk
嬉戲秋千之兒童Children having fun on the swings
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欲健身心欲免肺癆必須運動If one wants to strengthen body and mind and to become immune to tuberculosis, one has to do sports
第一國明家星曼麗杜蘭近影Recent photo of the first national star Manli Dulan
好萊塢是藝術薈萃之區。就是攝影方面。也爭奇鬥妍。想出種種別緻的姿勢。上圖就是好萊塢時髦的攝影姿態。也是大衆所渴望要看的。Hollywood is a place where distinguished arts are gathered together. People contend in beauty and fascination even in photos. They come up with various unconventional poses. In the above picture one can see a chic photograhy pose in Hollywood. It is also what the masses are eager to see.
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好萊塢名衣匠西摩所制之夏季新裝The new summer fashion made by Ximo [Seymour?], the famous tailor in Hollywood
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麗琳甘許近影Recent photo of Lilian Gish
電影明星琵琵妲妮兒最近攝影The latest photograph of the movie star Bebe Daniels