No. 034 (04 November, 1931)
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葉文惠女士玉照Precious photo of Ms Ye Wenhui
黃寶仙女士玉影。其作品曾於本刊發表Precious photo of Ms Huang Baoxian. Her article has once appeared in our magazine
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中西女塾林德昭女士Ms Lin Dezhao of Zhongxi (Chinese-Western) private girls' school
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哈爾濱女將蕭淑苓女士Harbin sportswoman Ms Xiao Shuling
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梁玉珍女士閱讀時之神情The look on Ms Liang Yuzhen's face when she is reading
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愛讀本刊之周蓮君女士玉影Precious photo of Ms Zhou Lianjun who likes reading our magazine
愛國校園之佳侶Wonderful couple in the patriotic campus
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(女)愈高的貨色愈佳(男)是!是!(Woman) The higher the ware is, the better the quality is. (man) Yes! Yes!
摩登用具之美The beauty of modern utensils
學時髦Learing about fashion
培根生髮香水Birch Hairwater, Hair-Tonic
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母子之愛Love between mother and son
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編輯者言Editor's note
西班牙式之披肩廣大足蔽全身Cape of spanish style, big enough to cover the whole body
我們要擁護純潔的美.上圖就是表示神聖的美We should go for pure beauty. The picture above precisely depicts holy beauty.
逸園 Leisure garden (Canidrome)
Sylvia Sidney為牙醫之女現加入為明星Sylvia Sidney is daughter of a dentist. Now she is a star.
比利朵芙吻後說不出的快感Billie Dove's ineffable pleasant sensation after kiss
頑皮的幼年小明星Naughty juvenile stars
海倫脫類英梯司的近影Helen Twelvetrees's recent photo
外國明星的姿態處處都惹人注意The posture of foreign stars draws attention everywhere
脫離電影生活後之王漢倫近影Wang Hanlun's recent photo after she left the cinematic life