No. 016 (01 July, 1931)
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李金容女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Li Jinrong
智仁勇吳敬璽女士Wise, benevolent, brave, Ms Wu Jinxi
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保志甯女士新婚儷影Beautiful photograph of newly married Ms Bao Zhining
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顧斐倩女士Ms Gu Feiqian
孟飛熊女士Ms Meng Feixiong
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李金蓮女士Ms. Li Jinlian
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李蓮珍女士Ms Li Lianzhen
閩侯縣立第一女子職業學校之啞鈴操The dumbbell exercise of the No. 1 women's vocational school of Minhou county
南商銀行科畢業潘杏端女士Ms Pan Xinduan graduated from the banking section at Nanshang (Nanyang commercial? school)
理髮師的幸運The fortune of a barber
摩登的椅子.式樣特別.公餘之暇.坐在上面.藉資休息最為舒適A modern chair. Special style. Most comfortable to take a rest on it during the break at work.
水中用鼻呼氣之姿勢The position to breathe with nose in water
游泳呼吸的姿勢The position of breathing while swimming
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鉛絲也可做成輕便領帶的架子Lead wires can also be made into a convenient tie rack
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希萊佛在和藹軍官中Chevalier in "The smiling lieutenant"
銀幕的吻Kiss on the screen
瓊克勞馥的最近小影The latest small-sized photograph of Joan Crawford
梨琳旁特Lilian Bond
陶樂賽麥開Taolesai Maikai
羅克和他的夫人倆擁護著他們的新生兒Luke and his wife embracing their newborn baby
日本電影明星憂川靜江之百面觀Hundred faces of Japanese movie star Youchangjingjiang
電影明星賽爾瑪託特的笑容Smile of the movie star Sai'erma Tuote