No. 033 (28 October, 1931)
Pages available: 1 - 40 (40 total)
張連珍女士玉照A precious photo of Ms Zhang Lianzhen
周煉霞女士秋裝麗影A gorgeous photo of Ms Zhou Lianxia in her autumn fashion
徐寶玲女士玉影A precious photo of Ms Xu Baoling
梁玉珍女士玉照A precious photo of Ms Liang Yuzhen
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關柳珠女士近影A recent (or close-up) photo of Ms Guan Liuzhu
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卓芳女士遊園留影A souvenir photo of Ms Zhuofang during a visit to a park
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前文作者王英女士玉影A precious photo of Ms Wang Ying, the author of the previous article
日人羨稱為東方美人之曾憲植女士Ms Zeng Xianzhi, admiringly named by the Japanese as an oriental beauty
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吳鶯娟女士近影A recent (or close-up) photo of Ms Wu Yingjuan
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摩登磁具之雅致The elegance of modern porcelains
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培根生髮香水Birch Hairwater, Hair-Tonic
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放浪形骸Forgetting oneself (being unrestrained)
小妹妹也要從軍與日對抗Little girls also want to join the army and fight against the Japanese
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電影女星之浪漫舞The romantic dance of the female movie star
安聶泰配琪之媚容The enchanting look of Anita Page
南錫卡洛與其新丈夫鮑爾頓毛勞雷之合影下角為前夫賈克寇克蘭特之攝影Group photo of Nancy Carroll and her new husband Francis Bolton Mallory; At its lower corner is the photo of her ex-husband Jack Kirkland
電影女星在室內撐洋傘的憨態The simple and naive look of female movie stars opening an umbrella indoors
電影男星雷夢拿伐羅之肖像The portrait of the male movie star Roman Novarro
拍拉蒙脫女星懷茵吉潑生近影A recent (or close-up) photo of the Paramount female movie star, Wynne Gibson