No. 093 (26 April, 1933)
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北平民國大學女生梁展如女士Ms. Liang Zhanru, a student from the Beiping Minguo University
上海的名閨王愛芬女士Ms. Wang Aifen, a famous lady from Shanghai
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常識Common knowledge
玲瓏信箱The Linglong Mailbox
北平藝專學生剻彥範女士Ms. Peng Yanfan, a student from the Beiping Art Academy
北平城角風景a corner of the Beiping city
水面上的一對愛人a couple on the water
櫻花開了cherry blossoms in bloom
法律顧問Legal Counsel
在室外散步織絨衫taking a walk and knitting sweaters outside
她們倆在自修室裡they are both in the study room
捉迷藏是她們最好玩的Hide-and-Seek is their favorite game
出了校門拿着書包,她們只有往家裏跑cannot wait any longer, they took their school bags and ran home after the class
她是總天真的笑着(北平師大附小學生張玲君)She is always smiling innocently (Zhang Lingjun at the Beiping Normal University affiliated elementary School )
她是王元龍的長女公子she is the eldest daughter of Wang Yuanlong
客堂外的裝修the decoration outside the living room
光明的晒台上 摩登式的佈置the well-lighted balcony with modern decoration
古典派的形意舞the metaphisical dance in classical style
在舞台上的爵士舞jazz dancing on the stage
舞(二圖)Dance (two pictures)
跳舞在影片裏是五花八門的且團體人數到一百二百人以上,更有許多許多新奇的變化。(二圖)Dancing in films are rich in variety. When the groups consist of over 100, 200 people, they can present more varieties.
古典派的幽秀舞elegant dancing in the classical style
一座只有六和十二、四分之一和四分之三的鐘a clock with graduation of 6, 12, 1/4 and 3/4
客室一角裝置又清楚又單美麗a corner of the living room is decorated clearly and beautifully
一張俏皮的放書茶桌a cute tee table with books
雪爾維雪萊的頭髮又梳裝起來了Sylvia Sidney's hair ist styled
梅娜克爾的新帽樣子及新學生裝Meinake'er's new hat and student's outfit
瓊美妮的早衣樣及一頂時髦的帽子Joan Many(?)'s morning dress and a stylish hat
明星公司的龔稼農,“狂流”是他的得意傑作。Gong Jianong of the Star Company , "Mad Stream" is his brilliant work
正在聯合攝製“還我山河”的高占非。有人說他是中國最有希望的演員,“都會的早晨”是他的得意傑作。Gao Zhanfei, who is shooting "huan wo he shan", some say he is the most promising actor in China, one of his great work is "the metropolitan in the morning".
導演卜萬蒼,攝影黃紹芬在工作情形the director Bu Wancang and the photographer Huang Shaofen working
現在病中的夏佩珍Xia Peizhen is now sick
月月紅, 女界寶China Rose, women's treasure
月月紅, 女界寶China Rose, women's treasure
黃柳霜表演中國人同西洋家人接吻Huang Liushuang is playing kissing with a westerner
梅娜洛裝的中國皇后裝?Myrna Loy playing a chinese empress?
這是美高梅新片“福地”裏裝成古怪的中國的先生和太太(二圖)This is a weird "chinese" couple in a new film "Fudi" produced by the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
孫瑜、王人美、蔡楚生Sun Yu, Wang Renmei, Cai Chusheng
逸園 Leisure garden (Canidrome)
丈夫的責任a husband's responsibility
第一對大情人:珍妮麥唐娜,穆萊薛佛梨the first couple on the screen: Jeanette McDonald, Mulaixuefoli
表演最動人的阮玲玉Ruan Lingyu's acting is touching