No. 094 (10 May, 1933)
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下圖: 全體女運動員在大會開會時情形below: all the sportswomen having a meeting
上圖:全體女運動會出場情形top: all the sportswomen joining the athletic meet
(下) 開會時全體運動員參加典禮 below: all the sportswomen joining the ceremony
(上) 主席台下的女運動員top: sportswomen in front of the stage
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利華皂粉Lux soap powder
玲瓏信箱The Linglong Mailbox
上圖女子五十米起點top: the starting point of the women's 50 meters
下圖女子百米終點below the terminal point of the women's one hundred meters
上左角乃女子五十米百米第一之蕭傑英,第二之計淑人the upper left is Xiao Jieying the champion of the women's 100 meters and Ji Shuren who won the second place
下圖跳高第一俞越先,第二周樓永below: Yu Yuexian the champion of the high jump, Zhou Louyong who won the second place
標槍第一華東沈嫣The champion of the javelin, Shen Yan from Huadong
個人總分第一之蕭傑英女士Ms. Xiao Jieying scored the highest
上圖吳梅仙跳遠第一the upper picture: Wu Meixian the champion of the long jump
左圖錢行素二百米第一left: Qian Xingsu the champion of 200 meters
(右) 愛國女學隊(right) the Aiguo Girls' School team
(下) 中國女體師隊(below) The Chinese Girl's Sports Academy
華東隊The Huadong team
兩江隊the Liangjiang team
小小童子軍胡耀祖。年僅六歲,亦來會場服務,為上海五育體育會最小之童子軍。the little boy scout Hu Yaozu who helped at the athlete meet. He is only 6 years old, the youngest boy scout of the Shanghai Wuyu athlete meet.
三位的漂亮女運動指導。(左) 張華珍 (兩江) , (中)秦麗華 (東南),(右)高君珠 (兩江)Three beautiful coaches. (Left) Zhang Huazhen(Liangjiang), (middle) Qin Lihua (Dongnan), (right) Gao Junzhu (Liangjiang)
常識Common knowledge
月月紅, 女界寶China Rose, women's treasure
月月紅, 女界寶China Rose, women's treasure
法律顧問Legal Counsel
一個百米跑到終點時at the terminal point of the hundred meters
女甲組鉛球第一盛璧擲球Sheng Bi, the women's shot put champion
培明俞越先跳高Yu Yuexian of the Peiping Girls' School took the initiation to jump
短跑出場前準被挖土dugging the earth before the sprint started
中國女體師之舞操The dance and gymnastic of the Chinese Girl's Sport Academy
中國女體師之舞步The Dance of the Chinese Girls' Sport Academy
中國女體師之團體操The Chinese Girls' Gymnastics
兩江體師團之體操The Gymnastics of the Liangjiang Sport's Academy
東南女體師之舞操The Dance of Southeast Girls' Academy
東南女體師之步舞The Southest Girls' Sport's Academy
中國女體師之舞操The Dance of the Chinese Girls' Sport Academy
江南女體師之舞步The Dance of the Jiangnan Girls' Sport's Academy
最強健的幾位東南運動員the strongest Atheletes from the Southeast Sport's Academy
腿部發達健美當然要日常練習。左圖乃東南女生之健康的腿。In order to have healthy legs, one should have trainings every day. The left are the healthy legs of the girls at the Southest Sports Academy.
在帳棚中休息之光華女生The Guanghua Girls resting in the tents
出場比賽之前一位大腿吃老酒的女運動員(準備)The female atheletes having old wines (preparing)
民立女子排球隊全體the members of the Minlin Girls' volley ball team
參加表演,比賽情形Joining the show. Playing the game.
下圖五十米第三兩江陳白雪被收音攝影時情形Chen Baixue who won the third place in the 50 meters being shot by the camera
上圖拍攝僑光中學得鉛球第一之陳榴珍女士擲球之姿勢above is Ms. Chen Liuzhen, the champion of shot put.
黎莉莉被光華的女運動員包圍了起來。排右至左康甯康或,前排(右至左)康彤、黎莉莉、康彰。Li Lili is surrounded by female atheletes. From right to lest are Kang Ning Kang Huo, or at the first low(from right to left) Kang Tong, Li Lili, Kang Zhang.
黎明暉在人群裏Li Minghui in the crowd
國貨ABC 雨衣Domestic Manufactured ABC Rain Coat
嬌滴 指甲水拭淨水Joy Dip Nail Remover
最新柯達八米厘家庭電影鏡箱the newest Kodak 8mm camera
逸園 Leisure garden (Canidrome)
好運動的中國最健美明星"野玫瑰"王人美在黃克體育館內運動時攝影the "Wild Rose" Wang Renmei, the most healthy and beautiful Chinese star is doing exercise in the Huang Ke Stadium
小妹妹黎明暉參加本市中學運動時對運動場拍攝照片the little girl Li Minghui photographing the stadium at the athelete fair of our city