No. 095 (17 May, 1933)
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天津的交際花林月華女士近影A recent photo of Ms. Lin Yuehua, a social butterfly from Tianjin.
曾在北平藝專讀書的康華女士Ms. Kang Hua used to study at the Beiping Art Academy
方青與何穎宣女士Ms. Fang Qing and Ms. He Yingxuan
漢口名閨張美秀女士famous lady Ms. Zhang Meixiu from Hankou
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玲瓏信箱The Linglong Mailbox
一位現代時髦的上海小姐汪蓮珍Ms. Wang Lianzhen, a modern and trendy dressed girl from Shanghai
太陽下去了這是一副美麗的晚景 this is a beautiful scenery after sunset
麥子生在風雲裏,似乎今年又是一個好年頭。The wheat in the wind and clouds. It seems that this is going to be a year with good harvest.
平靜的江旁有誰知道這是人們最安逸的地方who would know that this tranquil riverside is the most relaxed place
常識Common knowledge
皓齒:白玉牙膏White Teeth: Gem Tooth Paste
法律顧問Legal Counsel
豹姑娘Miss Leopard
美國派拉蒙拍攝豹姑娘一片,因選女主角問題由一千二百個女子當中獨有她被選,真是幸運呵!凱絲林巴克。The Paramound Picture Corporation in America is shooting "Miss Leopard". She is really luckey to have been chosen among 1200 girls. Kaisilinbake.
也是一個電影界的小妹妹譚雪蓉。她曾同王元龍合演過影片,現在已脫離影界,在滬上交際場中時常有她的蹤跡。Another young actress of the movie world Tan Xuerong. She has cooperated with Wang Yuanlong in a film. Now she has left the movie world and is quite active in the social worlds in Shanghai.
春夏的天氣最合宜影片公司工作外景時候。下圖是明星公司拍新片,胡萍和龔稼農在半淞園工作情形。The weather in spring and summer is quite nice for film companies to shoot outside. Below is a scene of the Ming Xing Company shooing their new film. Hu Ping and Gong Jianong are working in the Bansong Garden.
眼毛(四圖)eyelashes (four pictures)
新月歌劇社系新近成立者。十一日曾在黃克體育表演會初次漏面,成績頗佳。The New Moon Opera Club is newly established. There was a debut at the Huang Ke Sports Fair on the 11th. It was a good performance.
新月歌劇社社員之舞姿The dance of the members from the New Moon Opera Club
圓形舞the round dance
寫意舞a dance likend the free strokes in Chinese ink painting
泡泡舞bubble dance
陽春裏的煩悶the feeling of oppression in the spring time
(右)一個是赴夜晚跳舞會的晚禮服(right) an ball dress for an evening party
(左) 一個是精工細製的綢絲睡衣(left) and a finely made silk nightgown
摩登化的指環、頸圈、耳環子(五圖)rings, necklaces, and earings in modern styles (five pictures)
(上)睡在樹上的裘妮海登(above) Qiuni Haideng who sleeps in the tree
(下)坐在綉床上的海倫黛維絲(below) Hailun Daiweisi sitting on a bed
(上)汽車前面的曼琳瑪斯(above) Marian Marsh in front of a car
(右) 海洋輪船中的凱佛蘭西斯(right) Kay Francis on the ship
時代的中國影界男明星金燄:他的身體健全,他的意志剛強,他的思想發達。Chinese movie star Jin Yan from the Shidai Company: He is healthy, strong-minded and intelligent.
漫畫的檢討: 時代不同之玩偶a review on comics: puppets of different generations
逸園 Leisure garden (Canidrome)