No. 096 (24 May, 1933)
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一個夕陽將下公園路上的初夏a path in a park at sunset on an early summer day
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玲瓏信箱The Linglong Mailbox
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(上圖) 杭州三潭印月的遊伴楊硯波女士陳秋草女士(above) Ms. Yang Yanbo and Ms. Chen Qiucao visiting the scene "Three Pools Mirroring the Moon" in Hangzhou
湖濱馬上的騎士陳秋草女士 The Rider at the Lake Ms. Chen Qiucao
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戰地女生救護隊實習之情形The Female First-Aid Team doing their Internship at the War Zone
華北戰地之傷兵醫院內之女生救護隊The Women's First-Aid Team in the Field Hospital at the War Zone in North China
常識Common knowledge
法律顧問Legal Counsel
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教練與自習Coaching and Self-training
英國少女的歌舞練習Young Enlish Girls practicing singing and dancing
軍隊式的生活The Military Way of Life
右黃柳霜,她作了幾次失了國體的影片,所以在美國的中國人叫她是賣國賊。(right) Huang Liushuang got casted in several movies that insult China. So the Chinese residents in America call her "traitor."
上暢愛立現在美國舊金山為一商店主人(above) Chang Aili is currently a shop owner in San Francisco, USA.
北平的北海湖濱常有許多少女在遊玩的The Beihai Lake in Beiping is a place frequently visited by young girls
石欄邊的幽靜者enjoying the quietness at the stone balustrades
七八歲年齡少女之身體運動情形girls of 7 or 8 years old doing sports
日本政府所辦之國家小學校A National Elementary School in Japan
十五六歲年齡之小學生在風向常識測驗school children at the age of 15 and 16 testing their knowledge on the wind direction
校內電器沐浴池的設備The Electronic Shower System at School
工廠的工人訓練Training the Workers at the Factory
在上課的時間At Class
幼稚園訓練上課class at a kindergarten
少女織機科的訓練the girls at the training of textile weaving
(上圖) 汪玉大小姐她是一位怕羞的小女孩(above) Miss Wang Yu is a shy little girl.
(右圖) 作鼻曲的美國小姐(right) an american girl grimacing
上兩圖是滿州國女界的聞人在大滿紀念會留影 above are two pictures of important women of the Manchu state at the Manchu Memorial Meeting
卞鳳年女士南開女學救護隊隊長Ms. Bian Fengnian, the leader of the First-Aid Team at the Nangkai Girls' School
最時新最摩登的婦女日用裝飾品 (二圖)the newest and modernest daily accessories and cosmetics for women (two pictures)
國貨ABC 雨衣Domestic Manufactured ABC Rain Coat
雪泥福司的學生裝Xuenifusi dressed herself as a student
克萊密爾大少爺裝Kelaimi'er dressed herself as a young gentleman
瑪琳黛得麗穿上禮服了Marlene Dietrich is wearing suit
法國少年裝的瑪琳黛得麗Marlene Dietrich dressed herself as a young French boy
(上) 黎灼灼金燄在"母性之光"(above) Li Zhuozhuo and Jin Yan in the film "The Glory of Mother"
(上圖) 梁賽珍朱飛在"寂寞的犧牲"(above) Liang Saizhen and Zhu Fei in the film "The Lonely Sacrifice"
(右圖) 朱秋痕孫敏在"前程" (right) Zhu Qiuhen and Sun Min in the film "The Future"
逸園 Leisure garden (Canidrome)